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Design Project Mariposa

Monochrome neutrals are everywhere these days. They are safe and easy on the eyes. But heading into spring of 2022, Swank Design would like to bring you some cheerful and vibrant mid century modern color pop!

With minimal lines, poured terrazzo flooring, and floor to ceiling windows that beckon the sun, this project says sophistication with some playful flirt on the side.


Out with the warm tones and in with a clean modern white, this project brought into focus design details. The goal was to allow custom furniture choices to shine in an open airy space.

From dining to living to office space, the transitions are seamless. Inviting simplicity with a promise of lively conversation, the furnishings are design forward without sacrificing comfortability.

Do not be afraid of color this year. Whether it’s using custom tiling, florals, books and accent pieces, let your home shake off the past season and look towards a bright, reflective, and ultra hip future.

Interested in seeing more of this fun mid century project? CLICK HERE.

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