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Art Matters in Interior Design

In interior design what goes on peoples walls is often the last piece of the puzzle. After creatively placing furniture and choosing color palettes, oftentimes the room's walls are blankly staring back waiting for their adornment. Color, shape, form and balance are all important aspects when thinking about interior design. Although a person may choose to leave the art selection towards the end, there is a missed design opportunity when doing so. 

A prominent art piece can infuse energy and mood into a space. In a design project, art can claim a lead role in setting the environment's tone. Depending on the client, wall art is a place I like to start. When you build around wall art, your design choices can be centered around its spirit. Art can be serene, vibrant, introspective, patterned, mysterious, healing, calming, and more. When thinking about the arts energy, a design world opens up in choosing what may be added to create harmony.  

Here are some tools when building your design off your wall art selections. 

Art Provides a Focus Within a Room

Every room needs a place to draw your eye to. Art can center an onlooker and guide them into what to expect within the room. It can be big, small, or a gallery, but the important part is to let it be a representation of the personality you want to introduce as a focal point and framework in your space. 

Art and Playing with Color

Having a difficult time choosing your wall color? Try starting with an art piece instead. The wall art you are super attracted to may have shades of color you haven't thought about. You can use these shades as accents, or choose to use a dominant color from the piece. It will be as if your favorite art piece itself melts off the wall into a cohesive design within the room. 

Art Provides a Direction in Texture

Not all art is two dimensional. Consider adding texture to your space using frames with depth or sculptural pieces. Some art has rough unfinished textures, while others have smooth curves. This can inform the choice of furniture, throws, end tables, and more in the room. 

Have you ever built your design choices off a piece of art? Let us know in the comments below!

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