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A collection of eighty delicious recipes from around the world, which also includes information on bees, the different varieties of honey, and its health benefits.

Made from nectar concentrated down to a sweet stickiness by tens of thousands of bees working together in the hive, honey can be found all over the world. Caribbean jerk, Spanish tapas, French sauces, British biscuits, and Turkish cakes all gleam with the sweet stuff. It can take no more than a spoonful of honey to bring its deep flavor to a dish. As a marinade, it enhances meat and poultry and it works particularly well with nuts and fruits, cream and cheese, and herbs and spices.

Award-winning author Hattie Ellis shares over eighty recipes covering meals throughout the day, snacks, sweets, puddings, sauces, and drinks. From Honeyed Chicken and Eggplant Biryani and Honey Sauce Vierge to Sicilian Honey Balls (Sfingi), Hattie explores different flavors and varieties of honey from around the world.


192 pages

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