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Zoom White Square Italian Pizza Board
Zoom White Square Italian Pizza Board
Zoom White Square Italian Pizza Board
Zoom White Square Italian Pizza Board

White Square Italian Pizza Board


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Transport and display your home-cooked pizza for the family with ease with the large White Square Italian Charcuterie Board. Hand-crafted from reclaimed wood, this charcuterie board’s modern yet functional design can also double as a decorative kitchen accent. Distinguished by a center strip of contrasting oak timber, this modern yet functional design allows the board to maintain its structural beauty throughout.

Note: The handle may move and is designed as such to allow your wood board to expand and contract with changes in the surrounding humidity and temperature. More humid air will cause wood to expand; drier air will cause the wood to contract. When washing your board, the wood can also expand. Therefore, the handle is purposefully not glued in. Otherwise, the board runs the risk of warping and will never regain its original design.

etúHOME’s serving boards are intended for serving only and should not be used for cutting or chopping. To protect and preserve the integrity and longevity of the piece, we recommend using a barrier such as parchment paper, a plate or a bowl for non-dry and hot ingredients.


Weight: 7.0 lbs
Length: 25 3/4 inches
Width: 19 3/4 inches
Height: 1 1/4 inches


Coated in a 100% plant-based, food-safe wax finish.
The wooden handle features a hole to loop and hangs for easy storage.
This board is designed for transport and serving only, do not place it in the oven.

Materials and Care Instructions

Reclaimed wood

To prevent and resolve surface stains, wipe the surface clean with hot soapy water immediately after using and then dry with a clean, dry dish towel. Never submerge your wood board in water and avoid abrasive cleaning products. Brightly colored foods such as berries, turmeric and mustard may stain white and lighter waxed boards. To remove these tougher stains, reference our website for eco-friendly cleaning options.

White Square Italian Pizza Board



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