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Design Project County Line Road

Our goal at Swank Design and Swoon Home Living is always to build spaces that are fresh and eye popping, but we also want spaces to be intrinsically you. Here's an insiders view of our County Line Rd. project.
These clients loved color, but didn't want color to overpower the space. Using hues of teal, yellow and green will do just that. The earth tones of blue and green are powerfully calming and invite tranquility into a space. They are colors that feel clean without trying.

Yellow is the color of attraction. In Nicaragua and some other latin cultures it is said a woman wearing yellow and black will always attract a suitor. Yellow is a strong color, but using light yellow accents will add the element of attraction to a space. For instance, a yellow pillow will guide guests to lounge and enjoy the living space. Yellow flowers will guide eyes to an element you want to feature in your space. Paired with cool colors, yellow will add warmth and comfort.

Our clients desired to brighten their space. They wanted to add modern elements without the space becoming austere. By adding wall color, textured natural grass wall paper, installing new lighting, and updating the floor, we achieved opening up and illuminating the room. 

Previously the fireplace in this room functioned more like a wall. We wanted to change that and create a focal point for the room. By adding a streamlined custom solid wood mantel we not only invited a modern earthy element to the living space but gave the room a well designed new focal point. 

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